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Holding System From NOGA.

Noga Holding System dealer

GOKUL TRADERS presents you a complete range of holding system from NOGA.

These state of the art mechanical holders, are divided into two groups, ARTICULATED and PH, both designed to hold dial and test indicators, as well as many other components.
NOGA holders are also used in many other fields such as: machine construction, medical instruments, photography, light, sound and more.
NOGA holders consist of three main parts:
Arms, base and top (See diagram on right). NOGA ARTICULATED HOLDERS – articulated arms, with central locking mechanism.
NOGA PH HOLDERS – post and arm, with unique 3 points clamp.
Each group of holders consists of four sizes of arms, so you can always find one to suit your needs.
NOGA holders have fine adjustment mechanism, whether it is on the top (FAT), or at the base (FAB).
The plastic fine adjustment and the 2SM are now replaced by our top fine adjustment which is made of metal, and is the only fine adjustment to hold 6mm, 8mm, 3/8″, dove tail and back lug.
NOGA SPECIALTY HOLDERS – eight unique individual items. These are Noga well known items.
NOGA SETS – four sets of holders and indicators.
NOGA BASES – eight different magnetic bases from 320 N to 1300 N, a 350 N vacuum base, and five clamps.
NOGA MODULAR HOLDERS – another useful addition to this catalog is the modular holders section which allows the user almost unlimited range of holding applications.
NOGA Accessories – A variety of accessories are shown. Custom made accessories are available upon request.

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