*1: Calculation is available only when selecting the VDA, ANSI, or JIS 1982 standard.
*2: Calculation is available only when selecting the ISO 1997 standard.
*3: Calculation is available only when selecting the JIS 2001 standard.
*4: Calculation is available only when selecting the ANSI standard.
*5: Not available when selecting the JIS 1982 standard.
*6: Only the mean value rule is available for the ANSI standard. 16% rule is not available when selecting the VDA standard.
*7: Not available when using the AC adapter. Auto sleep can be set to OFF.
*8: For the connection between the calculation display unit and drive unit
To denote your AC line voltage add the following suffixes (e.g. 178-570-01A).
A for 120V, C for 100V, D for 230V, E for 230V (for UK), DC for 220V (for China), K for 220V (for Korea)

Advanced handheld tester that is easy to operate and meets a variety of needs

  • Equipped with a large, touch-screen color graphic LCD to achieve intuitive operation and excellent ease of use.
  • Features new measurement assistance and analysis functions to improve ease of operation while maintaining the operability of previous models.
  • The detector can be oriented to any position according to the workpiece: a horizontal, inclined, overhead or perpendicular surface can be tested. Many optional accessories are available to support this feature. (Common between SJ-310/210)
  • The optional memory card can save a large amount of measurement data. In addition, Trace 10 is a convenient function to save 10 sets of recent measurement data.
  • The statistical processing and GO/NG judgment functions facilitates data management.
  • High-speed thermal printer (whose printing speed is approx. 1.5 times that of conventional models) is provided as standard. Printing of measurement results (including judgment results) and assessed profiles are available as well as BAC and ADC profiles. Allows landscape mode printing to match the display on the LCD.

Optional Accessories for SJ-310 Consumables

  • Printer paper: Standard type (x5 packs): No.270732
  • Printer paper: High-durability type (x5 packs): No.12AAA876
  • Protective sheet for the touch panel (x10 sheets): No.12AAN040
  • Memory card (4GB): No.12AAL069