• It enables to print measuring
    Maximum/Minimum/Average standard deviation values.
  • To print, a digimatic cable is required.


Compatible models


The Cables for Past Models

Please refer to the list if you are necessary to know the cable for the past models.

   ZP,Z2 series  HTG2,DTX2 series
Analog cable  CB-104  CB-104
 RS-232C cable  CB-204  CB-204
 Digimatic cable  CB-304  CB-304
 Force Control cable  CB-501(Connect with MX series)  


Cable Applications Examples

Digital Force Gauge ZT series

Detect force abnormalities by connecting a buzzer/light/equipment.
(The comparator output function and the overload output function)
Record a force value at a moment of turning switch on or cable breaking.
(The external contact point output function)
It is also possible to display the momentary point at turning the
switch on or cable breaking on Force Recorder Standard/Professional.(The mark point function)
Control external devices when measuring value reaches at specific value.
(The sub-comparator function: it is only available for ZTA series.)

Motorized Test Stand MX2(MH2) series
(Option-CN version)

External operation from a foot switch and so on.

Improve equipment safety with an interlock mechanism.

Link wire conduction and test stand activities.

Built-in Linear Scale Unit

A displacement linear scale to connect ZTA series. It is used for force-displacement measurement by mounting on equipment.

 Model  DMK-100  DMK-300  DMK-500  DMK-800
 Stroke(mm)  Max.100  Max.300  Max.500  Max.800
 Size(mm)  254X21  454X21  654X21  800X21
 Fixing screw  M4  M4  M4  M4