Operated by a pneumatic actuator powered by a 3 bar compressed air supply – either from a compressor or a workshop air-line. The measurement data is collected by a capacities probe fitted just behind, and in constant contact with the measuring head. This direct contact ensures high-quality transducer-type accuracy, even at great depths. Measurements are taken by pressing a foot switch connected to the airline and the data is then passed automatically via cable back down the bore to the digital readout at the operator end.


  • Measures diameters from 50-310mm, up to 15m deep
  • Spherical, Tungsten Carbide anvils
  • 2 point and 3 point heads available
  • Accuracy +/-0.005mm (subject to bore condition)
  • Quick set-up time
  • Easy to use
  • Not adversely effected by temperature fluctuation
  • Robust design
  • Various readouts available

2 Point

Deep Hole XT – Under 2 Meters

Up to 2.0 meters deep with standard extensions

2 Point