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Vernier Height Gauge

Rigid STAINLESS STEEL  Construction Dual Scale (MM & INCH) Main scale Zero adjustment range 10 mm approx. & vernier scale fine adjustment range 8 mm approx.. L C : 0.02mm/0.001” Accuracy As per DIN 862 Standard. Magnifying glass for Better readability  TYPE READING RANGE VH 300 0.02 mm/0.001” 0-300 mm/0 -12” VH 600 0.02 mm/0.001” 0-600mm/0 -24”

Mitutoyo-SERIES 514, 506 — Standard Height Gage with Adjustable Main Scale-Vernier Height Gage

Fits comfortably in the hand and moves easily on the surface The main scale slides and clamps within the column for quick and convenient zero-setting. Large locking knobs are used both for the slider and fine adjustment clamps to make clamping easy and secure. Operability of slider has been Improved. Large main- scale engraving for […]

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