Resolves issues observed when searching for federated users through the Participants search field. For physical installation considerations, please visit the vendor's site and leverage the experience of your AV team when installing and mounting screens and running cabling. 1 Microsoft Teams service rollout using Teams rings. All audio devices listed in this row support satellite microphone options. In addition, make sure the physical installation requirements are met. A hardware deployment includes a selection of a Microsoft Teams Room system, combined with certified audio and video peripherals, and a cabling solution to integrate these devices together. These options are described here. Dual-Screen support (for legacy system parity), Themes (built-in themes and the ability to set custom theme), Ability to Give Feedback for public builds, Improved Telemetry around meeting join reliability, Ability for IT Admin to configure devices remotely, In-app user selection of meeting room audio and video USB devices, Integrated room console status reporting for customers using Microsoft Operations Management Suite, now Azure Monitor, Skype Meeting experience optimized for rooms with screen-filling HD video and HD wide-band audio, All participants can connect to the Skype Meeting using their device of choice from wherever they may be located, Invite people from your directory where you can instantly see their availability or via a phone call, Supports Skype for Business PSTN Conferencing and PSTN Calling to replace the stand-alone conference phone in your room, Dedicated Skype Meeting app optimized for center of table touch controller and large front of room display, Reuse existing investments in your front of room display or projectors, Works in all types of meeting spaces from huddle spaces to large conference rooms, Certified Skype for Business audio and video devices are available for various room sizes, Built-in wired ingest for to project desktop sharing to the room and to the Skype Meeting, Always-on appliance that automatically wakes up the displays when it detects people in the room, Simple deployment and updating of the UWP (Universal Windows Platform) Skype Meeting App, Windows AppLocker locks down the device to the Skype Meeting app, Monitored and managed as a Windows 10 Enterprise device via Intune and Configuration Manager (MDM), Low training effort of end-users due to familiar Skype user interface. Microsoft Teams Rooms に対応したロジクールMeetUp (超広角レンズ搭載の一体型カンファレンスカム(小会議室用))のデモ機をお借りした際に、, まず、ロジクールTapタッチコントローラ とデモ機の小型PC、モニター接続、LANケーブルを接続して初期設定に進みます。, 設定画面で、Office365Businessのログイン情報を入力し、そのまま保存して進みました…..が, ログイン情報を会議室用のIDで入るつもりで設定したのですが、IDが、Microsoft Teams チームを総務のメンバーが作ったチームがあり、そのグループメールが作成されていてTeamsにグループメールでログイン出来ないことに。 (1) An easy to use and reasonably priced MS Teams Room System (it's a small room) (2) No visible wires! Select the right system and audio video peripherals from one of our partners: Yealink, Logitech, Crestron, Polycom, Lenovo, and HP. Skype Room System (formerly Lync Room System) and Microsoft Teams Rooms are different products with different dependencies and deployment procedures. 10/21/2020; 9 minutes to read +5; In this article. ※本ブログは、米国時間 5/31 に公開された What’s New in Microsoft Teams | May 2019 の抄訳です。. This app update includes various client and service features for Microsoft Teams Room devices.

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