Tork digital torque wrench-cpt20x10d
Tork digital torque wrench-cpt100x15d
Tork digital torque wrench-cpt280x22d
Purpose and Basic Usage:
  • Tork digital torque wrench is designed primarily for tightening applications as a digital alternative to click torque wrenches
  • Also suitable for inspection purposes (re-tightening inspection and loosening tests) in Peak mode
  • The indicator display enables the user to see the setting torque and the actual torque being applied at the same time.
Features and Functions:
  • Highly responsive torque sensor for precise application of tightening torque
  • Durable high quality industrial grade construction
  • Tork digital torque wrench with Bi-directional loading
  • Applied torque is tracked by 3 patterns of buzzer sounds as well as the 2 colors of LED (blue and red).
  • Preset mode allows for programming of up to 10 set target torque values with a percentage of allowable torque beyond the target value.
  • Judgment mode allows for programming of upper and lower limits in the tightening operation.
  • Maximum 50 pcs of tightening data can be stored in the internal memory
  • RS232 port for downloading (Cable #585 sold separately)
  • 10 different preset torque values can be programmed and easily recalled by alphabetic registration id (A~J)
  • ISO6789 Type I Class C compliant. ±3% accuracy of indicated value with certificate of calibration and CE marking
  • Multiple unit of measure selection by keypad: Nm,, kgf.m.,,and lbf.ft.

Accessories and Ordering Options

  • Newly designed TQH ratcheting square drive head features push-release socket lock function and 72 teeth ratchet gear allowing for 5 degrees of operation in tight spaces. TQH22D has 24teeth without push-release function. TQH are available only when ordering the SET option
  • Power Source is 2XAA Batteries (included when ordering SET option only)
  • Two ordering options:
    • SET version which includes TQH head, batteries, plastic storage case with stylized product packaging box for quick start convenience ideal for new and small volume users.
    • Wrench only with no head or other accessories for the convenience of large volume users and customers who currently own a variety of Tohnichi heads. Provided in simple product carton box.
Tork digital torque wrench-cpt-g_01
Tork digital torque wrench-cpt-g_02


Model Torque Range Dimensions [mm] Sq Drive Size Weight
[N.m] [] [kgf.m] [] [lbf.ft.] L’1 L L’2 a C h b Inch kg
Min~Max. Grad. Min~Max Grad Min~Max Grad Min~Max Grad Min~Max Grad
CPT20X10D-G-SET 4.00~20.00 0.02 40.0~200.0 0.2 0.400~2.000 0.002 36.0~180.0 0.2 3.00~14.50 0.02 280.5 245 330 9.5 32 32 11 3/8 0.63
CPT50X12D-G-SET 10.00~50.00 0.05 100.0~500.0 0.5 1.000~5.000 0.005 100.0~440.0 0.5 7.50~36.00 0.05 282.5 254 339 0.65
CPT100X15D-G-SET 20.0~100.0 0.1 200~1000 1 2.00~10.00 0.01 200~880 1 15.0~73.0 0.1 384.5 363 452 12.7 40 40 15.5 1/2 0.85
CPT200X19D-G-SET 40.0~200.0 0.2 400~2000 2 4.00~20.00 0.02 360~1700 2 30.0~150.0 0.2 475.5 467 556 1.37
CPT280X22D-G-SET 56.0~280.0 0.2 560~2800 2 5.60~28.00 0.02 500~2400 2 42.0~200.0 0.2 591.5 600 700 19 63 55 23 3/4 1.76



1. “Overall Length” L’1 does not include the length of interchangeable head TQH.
2. “Weight” does not include the weight of interchangeable head TQH and batteries.
3 .Remove “-SET” to order wrench only version which does not include head TQH or any of the standard accessories. A variety of different head types are available and sold separately. Refer to Interchangeable heads page (click picture below ) and or Accessories in tab above.
4. Provided with certificate of calibration with data in Nm units only at no charge. NIST traceable certificate can be provided in any unit of measue upon request for additional fee.

Items are available through authorized dealers and on ( When purchasing at, we can only validate and control items purchased via “seller” Tohnichi America.)
CPT-SET Model Standard Accessories

Model Standard Accessory
Ratchet Head Battery Storage
Model Sq. Drive
Small Small
CPT20x10D-G-SET TQH10D 9.5
CPT100x15D-G-SET TQH15D 12.7
CPT200x19D-G-SET TQH19D Large Large
CPT280x22D-G-SET TQH22D 19.0

1. Recommendation: Use 2x AA Ni-MH batteries for longer continuous use.
2. Remove “SET” to indicate wrench only version when ordering. Wrench only version is provided in basic carton product box and does not include TQH Head, Batteries, or Storage Case

Optional Accessories:

Tork digital torque wrench-cpt-g_03


Accuracy ±3% of indicated value
Tightening Direction Clockwise/Counterclockwise
Display/Character Height 14 segment LCD 6 digits/7mm
  7 segment LCD 4 digits/3mm
Battery Life Indicator 4 steps
Number of Data Memory 50
Data Port RS232
Torque Setting Memory PRESET mode: 10 torque value to register
  JUDGMENT mode: Up to 10 values of each Upper/Lower/Tightening direction
Basic Function Auto power off
  Selectable Units of Measure: Nm,, kg.m,, lbf.ft.
  Auto memory/Reset
  Auto zero
  Over torque alarm
Power AA battery x 2pcs
Continuous Use Approx. 40 hours
Temperature in Use 0-40 Celsius below 85%RH (no condensation)