• Magnetic induction probe (FE) measures the thickness of non-magnetic coating on magnetic substrate Substrate: iron, steel, magnetic stainless steel (not for non-magnetic stainless steel) Coating: zinc, copper, chrome, tin, plastic, powder, paint (not for nickel)
  • Eddy current probe (NFE) measures the thickness of non-conductive coating on non-magnetic substrate Substrate: copper, aluminum, zinc, non-magnetic stainless steel Coating: plastic, powder, paint, anodizing
  • Tolerance measurement
  • Automatic power off

Main unit 1 pc
Magnetic induction probe(FE) 1 pc
Zero calibration block for FE probe I 1 pc
Calibration foils (50pm, 100pm, 250pm, 500pm, 1000pm) 1 set
1.5V AA batte
USB cable and software
2 pcs
USB cable and software 1 pc


Probe type FE (included) magnetic induction probe NFE (optional) eddy current probe FE90 (optional)
magnetic induction probe for bores and grooves
FE10 (optional) magnetic induction probe with big range
Measuring range 0-1250pm 0-1250pm 0-1250pm 500-10000pm
 Accuracy ±(3%L+1)pm (range1250pm)
±(3%L+10)pm (range>1250pm) 
L is measuring thickness in pm  
Resolution  0.1pm (range<100pm)
1pm (range100pm)
Measuring mode continuous and single
Minimum substrate thickness 0.5mm 0.3mm 0.5mm 2mm
Minimum measurin area 07mm 05mm 07mm 040mm
Minimum curvature radius of convex workpiece I 1.5mm 3mm 10mm
Memory 500
Output USB
Power supply 2×1.5V AA batteries
Dimension 128x68x32mm
Weight 340g


Data transmission cable 9501-1200-SPC  
Eddy current probe (NFE) with zero calibration block 9501-1200-NFE  
Magnetic induction robe FE90 for bores and grooves 9501-1200-FE90 
Magnetic induction probe (FE10) with big range 9501-1200-FE10