• Measure visible light emitted by fluorescent lamp, metal halide lamp, high voltage sodium lamp or incandescent lamp
  • Min/Max, data hold
  • Two units: LUX and FC
  • Reading in digital and analog
  • Display backlight
  • Auto power off


Measuring range 0-200000LUX (0-20000FC)
Resolution 0.1LUX (range<1000LUX), 1LUX (range?-1000LUX)
0.01FC (range<100FC), 0.1FC (range<1000FC), 1FC (range?-1000FC)
Accuracy ±4%
RED type standard light source-LO, white LED-L1, red LED-L2, yellow LED-L3, green LED-L4, blue LED-L5, purple LED-L6
Sensor silicon photo-diode and spectral response filter
Operating temperature 0°C-40°C
Operating humidity <80%RH
Operating altitude <2000m
Sampling rate about 0.5 seconds
Spectral range 320-730nm
Auto power off 10 minutes
Dimension 190 x60x33mm 
Weight 180g
Power supply 3xAAA battery

Standard Delivery:

Main Unit 1 pc
Battery (AAA) 3 pcs