We GOKUL TRADERS – TEAM thank you today as we start with 31st year of business with you. This joy full journey was possible only with blessings & co-operation from you all. We request you to please give us 2 minutes to read through. In last 30 years we share a huge experience with a lot of learning on this path and in some or the other way you have been a Guru who made us understand different things in our business in different forms. Recently we started with our own brand in Measuring Instruments “MITI-Precise Measurement”(TM) with many world class instruments including multi gauging fixtures, atomized instruments & instruments with new technologies to give you better long time measurement, good accuracy & services taking care of your investments. Today our team consists of mentors from IIT & with an experience of more than 30 years in engineering. And one of them have been awarded Fellowship in UK.

Business is going & will go on; but still we will want to learn more from you. We request you to please send us your valuable feedbacks and keep us updated with your products. And you can send us a mail if you want your products to be shared with all.

Once again we thank you all thank you everyone.