Tools powered by compressed air generally fall under the category of Pneumatic Tools. Not only are they easier to maneuver, these tools are also a cheaper equivalent to tools powered by electricity. They work on the principle that the volume of air flowing through a tube or a gap varies directly in proportion with the size of the gap.

Pneumatic Tools are utilized by several industries for purposes like hammering, hole drilling, paint removal, fastening, metal cutting, nailing, surface sanding, surface finishing and material removal. Thus, they find considerable usage in automobile, aeronautical, food, construction, engineering furniture, and mining industries. However, each tool is designed keeping a particular industry or use in mind, thus, each of these tools stand out differently in different industries.


Pneumatic Drill

The pneumatic drill is a tool of utmost importance in the tooling, engineering and automobile industries. They are employed for purposes like polishing, milling, cleaning of materials and grinding. This tool has a feature of reverse turning which is not available in most conventional drills. Moreover, it is a multipurpose tool which is easy to handle and has compact packaging. It is used in abundance in the industries mentioned above, and is a must have in order for production, cleaning as well as maintenance of material.

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Pneumatic Angle Grinder

This tool is used for precision grinding. The angle in the grinder helps in reaching places which are not approachable with generic grinders. They have a continuously variable rpm rate, which helps in controlling the amount of grinding and its intensity. Considering these virtues, this tool becomes a helpful one in industries which require a lot of grinding, namely industries which involve manufacturing of automotive parts and tool industry.

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Pneumatic Sander

Manufacturing industries employ this tool for light works like finishing, repairing and grinding. The polishing paper is placed on the carrying surface of the tool with the help of a fastening nut. Characteristically it is compact and user friendly. What makes this tool essential is its multitasking. One does not need to employ different tools for grinding and finishing.

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Pneumatic Screwdriver

The pneumatic screwdriver is deployed in metal as well as woodwork industries. These screwdrivers have a forward as well as reverse motion option. Transducers are sometimes included within the device in order to provide torque feedback. Since this tool comes in handy with cutting of thin as well as thick materials, it becomes crucial for activities where other cutting options may seem expensive. Moreover, this tool is easy to operate and gives precision in work.

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Impact Wrench

This tool is designed to deliver high output force as compared to the input, which is of a minimum degree force. These are used for heavy equipment maintenance, construction projects and product assembly. Maximum of work output is provided with minimum effort with this tool. Moreover, they provide access to areas which are not generally accessible for drilling or torque exertion. Thus, this tool becomes a must have for industries dealing with heavy machinery.

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Since most of these tools can be employed by at least two or three industries for different purposes, pneumatic tools come off as must haves in all industries in general. They have abundant benefits over their electrical counterparts and are also used widely for all kinds of purposes as compared to those.