circumference tape-7115_2

  • Measure diameter and circumference of pipes, trees, tires, etc.
  • Laser engraved scale
  • Made of stainless steel


circumference tape-7115

Code Circumference range Diameter Range Graduation Accuracy Circumference Accuracy Diameter
7115-950 150-950mm Ø50-300mm 0.1mm 0.50mm 0.15mm
7115-2200 940-2200mm Ø300-700mm 0.1mm 0.60mm 0.20mm
7115-3460 2190-3460mm Ø700-1100mm 0.1mm 0.60mm 0.20mm
7115-4720 3450-4720mm Ø1100-1500mm 0.1mm 0.75mm 0.25mm
7115-5980 4710-5980mm Ø1500-1900mm 0.1mm 0.90mm 0.30mm