• Integrated with magnetic-induction probe (Fe) and eddy current probe (Nfe), switch to the suitable probe automatically according to the material to be measured
  • Magnetic induction probe (Fe) is to measure the thickness of non-magnetic coating on magnetic substrate Substrate: iron, steel, magnetic stainless steel (does not include non-magnetic stainless steel) Coating: zinc, copper, chrome-tin, plastic powder, paint (does not include nickel)
  • Eddy current probe (NFe) is to measure the thickness of non-conductive coating on non-magnetic metal substrate Substrate: copper, aluminum, zinc, non-magnetic stainless steel Coating: plastic powder, paint, anodizing
  • Coating thickness gage is Set to zero without calibration foil
  • Coating thickness gage Power off automatically (40 seconds without operation)
coating thickness gage-ISO-3500FN

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