• Made of alloy steel
  • Meet ISO3650
  • Supplied with manufacturer inspection certificate
4101 4101_01


Size Code
0.5mm 4101-XD5
0.991mm 4101-XD991
0.992mm 4101-XD992
0.993mm 4101-XD993
0.994mm 4101-XD994
0.995mm 4101-XD995
0.996mm 4101-XD996
0.997mm 4101-XD997
0.998mm 4101-XD998
0.999mm 4101-XD999
1mm 4101-X1
1.0005mm 4101-X1D0005
1.001mm 4101-X1D001
1.002mm 4101-X1D002
1.003mm 4101-X1D003
1.004mm 4101-X1D004
1.005mm 4101-X1D005
1.006mm 4101-X1D006
1.007mm 4101-X1D007
1.008mm 4101-X1D008
1.009mm 4101-X1D009
1.01mm 4101-X1D01
1.02mm 4101-X1D02
1.03mm 4101-X1D03
1.04mm 4101-X1D04
1.05mm 4101-X1D05
1.06mm 4101-X1D06
1.07mm 4101-X1D07
1.08mm 4101-X1D08
1.09mm 4101-X1D09
1.1mm 4101-X1D1
1.11mm 4101-X1D11
1.12mm 4101-X1D12
1.13mm 4101-X1D13
1.14mm 4101-X1D14
1.15mm 4101-X1D15
1.16mm 4101-X1D16
1.17mm 4101-X1D17
1.18mm 4101-X1D18
1.19mm 4101-X1D19
1.2mm 4101-X1D2
1.21mm 4101-X1D21
1.22mm 4101-X1D22
1.23mm 4101-X1D23
1.24mm 4101-X1D24
1.25mm 4101-X1D25
1.26mm 4101-X1D26
1.27mm 4101-X1D27
1.28mm 4101-X1D28
1.29mm 4101-X1D29
1.3mm 4101-X1D3
1.31mm 4101-X1D31
1.32mm 4101-X1D32
1.33mm 4101-X1D33
1.34mm 4101-X1D34
1.35mm 4101-X1D35
1.36mm 4101-X1D36
1.37mm 4101-X1D37
1.38mm 4101-X1D38
1.39mm 4101-X1D39
1.4mm 4101-X1D4
1.41mm 4101-X1D41
1.42mm 4101-X1D42
1.43mm 4101-X1D43
1.44mm 4101-X1D44
1.45mm 4101-X1D45
1.46mm 4101-X1D46
1.47mm 4101-X1D47
1.48mm 4101-X1D48
1.49mm 4101-X1D49
1.5mm 4101-X1D5
1.6mm 4101-X1D6
1.7mm 4101-X1D7
1.8mm 4101-X1D8
1.9mm 4101-X1D9
2mm 4101-X2
2.5mm 4101-X2D5
3mm 4101-X3
3.5mm 4101-X3D5
4mm 4101-X4
4.5mm 4101-X4D5
5mm 4101-X5
5.1mm 4101-X5D1
5.5mm 4101-X5D5
6mm 4101-X6
6.5mm 4101-X6D5
7mm 4101-X7
7.5mm 4101-X7D5
7.7mm 4101-X7D7
8mm 4101-X8
8.5mm 4101-X8D5
9mm 4101-X9
9.5mm 4101-X9D5
10mm 4101-X10
10.3mm 4101-X10D3
10.5mm 4101-X10D5
11mm 4101-X11
11.5mm 4101-X11D5
12mm 4101-X12
12.5mm 4101-X12D5
12.9mm 4101-X12D9
13mm 4101-X13
13.5mm 4101-X13D5
14mm 4101-X14
14.5mm 4101-X14D5
15mm 4101-X15
15.5mm 4101-X15D5
16mm 4101-X16
16.5mm 4101-X16D5
17mm 4101-X17
17.5mm 4101-X17D5
17.6mm 4101-X17D6
18mm 4101-X18
18.5mm 4101-X18D5
19mm 4101-X19D5
19.5mm 4101-X19D5
20mm 4101-X20
20.2mm 4101-X20D2
20.5mm 4101-X20D5
21mm 4101-X21
21.5mm 4101-X21D5
22mm 4101-X22
22.5mm 4101-X22D5
22.8mm 4101-X22D8
23mm 4101-X23
23.5mm 4101-X23D5
24mm 4101-X24
24.5mm 4101-X24D5
25mm 4101-X25
30mm 4101-X30
35mm 4101-X35
40mm 4101-X40
41.3mm 4101-X41D3
45mm 4101-X45
50mm 4101-X50
60mm 4101-X60
70mm 4101-X70
75mm 4101-X75
80mm 4101-X80
90mm 4101-X90
100mm 4101-X100
125mm 4101-X125
131.4mm 4101-X131D4
131.4mm 4101-X131D4
150mm 4101-X150
175mm 4101-X175
200mm 4101-X200
250mm 4101-X250
300mm 4101-X300
400mm 4101-X400
500mm 4101-X500
600mm 4101-X600
700mm 4101-X700
750mm 4101-X750
800mm 4101-X800
900mm 4101-X900
1000mm 4101-X1000

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