*1: Calculation is available only when selecting the VDA, ANSI, or JIS 1982 standard.
*2: Calculation is available only when selecting the ISO 1997 standard.
*3: Calculation is available only when selecting the JIS 2001 standard.
*4: Calculation is available only when selecting the ANSI standard.
*5: Not available when selecting the JIS1982 standard
*6: Please procure the printer for SJ-210 (Code No.: 178-421, Option) separately. Refer to page L-6 for details.
*7: Only the mean value rule is available for the ANSI standard. Only the maximum value and the mean value rules are available for the VDA standard.
*8: Not available when using the AC adapter. Auto sleep can be set to OFF.
*9: For the connection between the calculation display unit and drive unit
To denote your AC line voltage add the following suffixes (e.g. 178-560-01A).
A for 120V, C for 100V, D for 230V, E for 230V (for UK), DC for 220V (for China), K for 220V (for Korea)

Compact type all-in-one surface roughness tester has evolved by meeting customer demands

  • Color LCD can display not only calculation results and measurement conditions, but also surface roughness waveforms. In addition, bigger character size contributes to visibility.
  • Supports a variety of roughness standards. Equipped with a variety of parameters and functions such as arbitrary length measurement. Facilitates the operation and settings using the buttons on the top and inside the openable cover of the main unit. Displays the result after a measurement when the measurement start button is pressed.

  • Built-in rechargeable battery allows measurement without the power supply.
  • Optional printer for SJ-210 allows the printing of calculation results and measured profiles.
  • Outputs the alarm display when the accumulated measurement distance exceeds the threshold level that is set. (Useful for maintaining a stylus-tip replacement policy.)
  • Three types of drive unit are available: Standard, Transverse tracing, and Retractable. Selectable depending on the workpiece.

Refer to the Surftest SJ-210 series (Catalog No.E4388) for more details.