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Mitutoyo-SERIES 518 — High Precision ABSOLUTE Digital Height Gage-QM-Height

Best-in-class accuracy ±(2.4+2.1L/600)μm Newly developed high accuracy and high resolution ABSOLUTE linear encoder for position detection. Once origin is set, origin setting is not required each time you turn the power ON (except in the case of a large environmental temperature change). GO/±NG judgment is performed by setting upper and lower tolerances. If a judgment […]

Mitutoyo-SERIES 518 – High Performance 2D Measurement System-Linear Height

Excellent accuracy of (1.1+0.6L/600)μm with 0.1μm/0.4μm resolution/repeatability. High-accuracy Height Gage incorporating a wide range of measurement functions. To achieve best-in-class accuracy, a highaccuracy reflective-type linear encoder and high-accuracy guide are used. Measurement can be implemented by icon based commands that also support easy one key operation. Perpendicularity (frontal) of 5μm and straightness of 4μm are guaranteed. The TFT LCD […]

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