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Special Knurling tool Holder

Rapid offers special knurling tools & holders. As per customer request and in consultation with our technical team, Rapid manufactures tools which suites the specific need of customer application. Individual applications call for Special Customised tools.

Face Knurling tool Holder

RAPID TOOL SERIES  S201 MACHINE TYPE: Conventional And CNC Lathe, Automatic Short Turning Lathe SUITABLE METHOD:  Plunge Knurling FEATURES: Form knurling without swarf removal Integrated center height. Suitable for knurling on face Accomodate knurl from Either Left or Right Directions. Set Screws in Shank for correction of clearance angle POSSIBLE KNURLING PROFILE:  TOOL CODING SYSTEM:   

Straddle Knurling tool Holder

RAPID TOOL SERIES  S201 MACHINE TYPE: Troub,Mini Lathe, Sliding head, Autolathe, lathe, CNC machine SUITABLE METHOD: Plunge knurling, Feed knurling FEATURES: Form knurling without swart removal Minimises lateral pressure on workpiece Less strain on machine and workpiece Suitable for machining small and delicate parts Form knurling of thin-walled work pieces POSSIBLE KNURLING PROFILE: TOOL CODING SYSTEM 

Cut Knurling tool Holder

RAPID TOOL SERIES  C101 MACHINE TYPE: CNC machine,Troub,Sliding head, Lathe, Autolathe FEATURES: Cut knurling with material removal Integrated Center height Builtin lock position of 30° for better accuracy Minimal vibration, high quality visual profiles, close tolerances Reduction in Forces on Machine bearings Reproducible Processes due to fixed Head TOOL CODING SYSTEM:  TOOL SERIES  C102 MACHINE TYPE:  […]

Double Knurling tool Holder

RAPID TOOL SERIES F202 MACHINE TYPE:  Troub,Sliding head, Lathe, Autolathe SUIT ABLE METHOD: Plunge knurling, Feed knurling FEATURES:  Form knurling without swarf removal Heavyduty holder for maximum life Reducing time for repositioning of knurling head incorporated carbide pin with ease of changing Adjustable rubber padding for self centering Perfect for Feed Knurling POSSIBLE KNURLING PROFILE:  […]

Single Knurling tool Holder

TOOL SERIES  F101  MACHINE  TYPE: Traub, Sliding  Head, Lathe, Autolathe SUITABLE  METHOD: Plunge knurling,  Feed knurling FEATURES:  Suitable for form knurling without swarf removal All knurling patterns can be formed Precise Carbide pin with ease of changing accommodate RAPID™  knurls for better accuracy POSSIBLE  KNURLING  PROFILE: PLUNGE KNURLING- FEED KNURLING- TOOL NO. A(mm) B(mm) L(mm) […]

Knurling Wheels

Rapid Form Knurls Knurl Profile Knurl Size: 10x04x04, 15x04x04, 10x06x04, 15x06x04, 20x08x06, 20x10x06, 20x12x06*, 20x15x06* Knurl Pitch: 0.4, 0.5, 0.6, 0.7, 0.8, 0.9, 1.0, 1.2, 1.5, 1.6, 1.8, 2.0, 2.5 Rapid Knurls Features:  HSS knurls with Bore and Face Ground Milled sharp Edge Profile better Form Profile Highest Productivity on Ferrous & non Ferrous material […]

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