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Mitutoyo-SERIES 547-ABSOLUTE Digimatic Depth Gage

Easy-to-read dial effectively prevents misreading. Allows integration into statistical process control and measurement systems for models with measurement data output connector. Refer to page A-3. SPECIFICATIONS Metric Order No. Range Graduation Stroke Accuracy*4 Measuring force Base Contact point*1 Extension rod*2 Indicator*3 W T flatness 547-211   0 – 200mm 0.01mm   12.7mm ±20μm   1.5N […]

Mitutoyo-SERIES 573, 536 — ABSOLUTE Digimatic and vernier type-Blade Type Caliper

The thin blade-type jaws fit into very small grooves and make previously difficult outside measurements far easier to obtain. The outside measuring faces are carbide tipped. Allows step measurement. Digital models are IP67 Absolute type. No need to reset the origin after switching on. (Refer to page D-8 for a description of Absolute measurement.) Allows integration […]

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