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Siddi tooling system dealer

Below are the products of Siddhi Tooling Systems:

1. Siddhi Tool Holders: Technical Specification.

2. Precision Tool Holders BT-MAS 403 A, AD & AD +B

3. Precision Tool Holders SK-DIN 69871 A, AD & AD +B

4. Precision Tool Holders ISO-DIN 2080

5. Precision Tool Holders HSK-DIN 69893

6. Cylindrical Precision ER Collet Chucks, Tr Shank,MTA,MTB

7. High Speed Revolving Center

8. CNC Dead Center With Draw Off Nut

9. Reduction CNC Sleeves.

10. Accessories

11. KeyLess Precision Drill Chuck

12. Swift Change Drilling And Tapping Chuck

13. Swift Change Tapping Chuck (SWFLK)

14. Quick Change Drilling, Tapping Chuck & RS / ES Sleeve

15. Adjustable Adaptors

16. Long Milling Arbor & Turret Socket

17. Lathe Revolving Centers & Lathe Dead Centers

18. Swift Change Tap Adaptor Technical Information & Recommended Torque Values.

Kindly check below for the catalog.

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