• Reading in digit and analog
  • Display can be rotated by 320º
  • Button function: tolerance Go and No-Go display, data preset, measuring direction change, max./min./range measurement, inch/metric conversion, absolute/incremental measurement
  • CR2032 battery, automatic power off
  • Data output
  • Optional accessory: data output system (code 7306-40, 7302-SPC3A, 7305-SPC1A), backs (page 125), contact points (page 121~124)
digital indicator-2103-50F digital indicator-2104-25F digital indicator-2103-10F


digital indicator-2103-50F_01 2104-25F_01 2103-10F_01
Resolution 0.01mm/0.0005″
Code Range Accuracy Hysteresis Remark
2104-10F* 12.7mm/0.5″ 20µm 10µm flat back
2104-25F* 25.4mm/1″ 20µm 10µm flat back
2104-50F* 50.8mm/2″ 30µm 10µm flat back
2104-10* 12.7mm/0.5″ 20µm 10µm lug back
2104-25* 25.4mm/1″ 20µm 10µm lug back
2104-50* 50.8mm/2″ 30µm 10µm lug back

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