• Allows smooth elevation by the slider adjustment wheel, which is the same as the
    well-established double-column structure height gage.
  • Large slider-clamp lever ensures positive and accurate clamping action.
  • High durability and high accuracy are ensured by an improved column design (35x15mm).
    Digimatic Height Gage
  • Character height of the LCD display is 10mm.
  • Ergonomic and stylish base fits comfortably  in the hand.
  • Due to the built-in ABSOLUTE scale function, origin setting is not required each time power is turned ON.
  • Allows integration into statistical process  control and measurement systems.
    Refer to page A-3.
  • Battery: SR44 (1 pc), 938882. For initial operational checks (standard accessory)
    Battery life is 20,000 hours under normal use• For precision Black Granite Surface Plates, refer to page E-51.

Digimatic Height Gage


Order No. Range Resolution Accuracy* Repeatability Max. response speed Mass
570-302 0 – 300mm 0.01mm ±0.03mm 0.01mm Unlimited 4.6kg
570-304 0 – 600mm ±0.05mm 6.4kg

* Excluding quantizing error


Order No. Range Resolution Accuracy* Repeatability Max. response speed Mass
570-312 0 – 12″








570-313 0 – 18″ ±.002″ 5.9kg
570-314 0 – 24″ ±.002″ 6.4kg

* Excluding quantizing error

Digimatic Height Gage


( ): No. 570-304

Digimatic Height Gage


Any convenient reference surface, such as a surface plate, etc., can be stored as the absolute origin point.

Absolute measurement:
After power is turned ON, measurement can be started without zero-setting if origin-setting was previously performed. Absolute origin position can be changed by ORIGIN button.

Incremental measurement:
Allows origin setting at any arbitrary position. In this case, the origin point is not stored after turning off the power.

Data hold
Display value can be held.

Data output:
Allows integration into statistical process control and measurement systems. (Refer to page A-3.)

Low-voltage alert:
Low-voltage alert: If the battery voltage becomes low, a “B” appears in the display to alert the user before measurement is no longer possible so that the battery can be changed in good time.

Standard accessories
For 570-302, 304
No.07GZA000 Scriber

No.05GZA033 Scriber clamp
For 570-312 and 570-313, 570-314
No.900258 Scriber

No.901385 Scriber clamp

Digimatic Height Gage

Optional accessories
For details, refer to page D-39. Connecting cables for IT/DP/MUX

905338: SPC cable with data button (1m) 905409: SPC cable with data button (2m)
USB Input Tool Direct
06ADV380F: SPC cable for USB-ITN-F (2m)
Connecting cables for U-WAVE-T
02AZD790F: SPC cable for U-WAVE with data button (160mm)

02AZE140F: SPC cable for footswitch