Styli (for Metric Models Only*)
* Except for universal type dial test indicator (513-304G).

  • Stylus length affects the scale factor of an indicator. The styli provided as standard give a scale factor of unity.

ø0.5mm ball-point

190547 (L=14.7mm)
190549 (L=20.9mm)
190654 (L=22.3mm)
190656 (L=44.5mm)

ø0.7mm ball-point

190548 (L=14.7mm)
190550 (L=20.9mm)
190653 (L=22.3mm)
190655 (L=44.5mm)

ø1mm ball-point (Carbide)

21CZA044 (L=12.8mm)
103017 (L=14.7mm)
136235 (L=44.5mm)

ø2mm ball-point (Carbide)

21CZA036 (L=12.8mm)
103010 (L=14.7mm)
103006 (L=20.9mm)
137557 (L=22.3mm)
129949 (L=36.8mm)
136013 (L=44.5mm)

ø2mm ball-point (Ruby)

21CZA212 (L=12.8mm)
21CZA209 (L=14.7mm)
21CZA201 (L=20.9mm)
21CZA210 (L=22.3mm)
21CZA211 (L=44.5mm)

ø3mm ball-point (Carbide)

21CZA045 (L=12.8mm)
103018 (L=14.7mm)
103014 (L=20.9mm)
137559 (L=22.3mm)
137747 (L=36.8mm)
136236 (L=44.5mm)


Stems with Knurled Clamp Ring

Swivel Clamps

  • Can be used with Holding Bars.

Holding Bars

Universal Holder

  • Allows the indicator to be set at the desired attitude to the workpiece.

21CZA233 (ø8mm stem)
21CZA231 (.25″ DIA. stem)
21CZA229 (ø6mm stem)

Centering Holder

  • Allows large diameter cylinders or holes to be centered on a machine tool.