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Mitutoyo-SERIES 406-Digimatic straight line micrometer outside micrometer

Non-rotating spindle. Equipped with Ratchet Stop for constant measuring force. Metric Order No. Range Resolution Accuracy* Flatness Parallelism 406-250-30 0 – 25mm     0.001mm   ±3µm     0.3µm   3µm 406-251-30 25 – 50mm 406-252-30 50 – 75mm 406-253-30 75 – 100mm ±4µm 4µm   * Excluding quantizing error Inch/Metric Order No. Range […]

Mitutoyo-SERIES 227-with Adjustable Measuring Force-ABSOLUTE Digimatic Micrometers

Digimatic micrometer dedicated to applications requiring a constant/low measuring force such as measuring wire, paper, and plastic/rubber parts. Ratchet mechanism in the thimble applies constant force to workpiece. Compact and easy to handle. Measuring force is adjustable (in steps) to suit various kinds of workpiece. High-accuracy measurement can be performed even by unskilled operators due to […]

Mitutoyo-SERIES 293-IP54 ABSOLUTE Digimatic Micrometers-Quickmike

The Quickmike provides a speedy spindle feed of 10mm per thimble rotation, which enables widely differently sized features to be measured quickly. Set the origin only once. The absolute linear scale maintains the origin throughout the life of battery, meaning no more zero setting (presetting) or overspeed error. The Quickmike Measuring faces: Carbide Supplied with […]

Mitutoyo-SERIES 293-Digimatic outside micrometers

Models equipped with a Digimatic output port can form part of a statistical process control or networked measurement system. (Refer to page A-3 for details.) Constant-force device: ratchet stop Interface Input Tools are available that enable the conversion of measurement data to keyboard signals that are then directly input to cells in off-the-shelf spreadsheet software such as […]

Mitutoyo-SERIES 293 — with Dust/Water Protection Conforming to IP65 Level -Coolant Proof Micrometers

World’s highest performing micrometer overall. Extended battery life of approximately 2.4 years. Ergonomic anti-slip frame cover and front panel for more comfortable hand-held measurements. Ratchet thimble provides better operability for one-handed operation. Oil-resistant material used for all plastic parts. Models equipped with a Digimatic output port can form part of a statistical process control or […]

Mitutoyo-SERIES 293 — IP65 Micrometer with 2mm/rev Spindle Feed-QuantuMike

Advanced pioneering technology has created the next generation of micrometer, the most revolutionary advance in micrometer technology since James Watt invented the instrument. Faster measurement is achieved by using a coarser thread which feeds the spindle by 2mm per revolution of the thimble. This increase in thread lead has been made possible thanks to new high precision threadcutting […]

Mitutoyo – SERIES 293 – High-Accuracy Digimatic Micrometer

Enabling 0.1μm resolution measurement, this micrometer is ideal for customers who need to make highly accurate measurements with a hand-held tool. The High-Accuracy Digimatic Micrometer utilizes Mitutoyo’s innovative 0.1μm resolution ABS (absolute) rotary sensor*1 and high-accuracy screw machining technology to reduce the instrumental error to ±0.5μm, delivering higher accuracy without sacrificing operability. *1. Patent pending […]

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