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German Design Baker Micrometer

  • Specifications : IS, DIN, ANSI & JIS
  • Spindle made from stainless steel for rust prevention
  • Measuring faces: carbide tipped, precision ground & micro lapped
  • An in-built ratchet in the thimble
  • Zero setting once done cannot be easily tampered with
  • Sharp laser marking for better visibility & durability
  • Heat insulating grip plates cover the entire handling portion of the micrometer frame
  • Robust design withstands toughest workshop conditions

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KO2 Dial Gauge

  • Specification: IS, DIN, ANSI & JIS
  • Every gauge carries a calibration certification giving actual values
  • Hardened stem for trouble free clamping
  • Spindle made of stainless steel
  • Fitted with tungsten carbide ball anvil
  • Rigid brass case for increased rigidity
  • Strong and smooth metal bezel
  • Supplied with tolerance pointers
  • Aesthetically appealing protective top cap in black color
  • Special dial Gauges for OEMs also manufactured on request
  • Complete spares and after sales service available
  • 0.001mm x 1mm dial gauge fitted with 8 jewels and conforms to JIS B-7503

Bezel Dia. Type Reading Range Graduation
56 mm K02 0.01mm 10 mm 0-100

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