Mini Bench Centre with Cast Iron Base are specially designed for checking concentrically, parallelism and true rotations of components having smaller dimensions. These mini bench centres are cast iron based and are widely used in industries manufacturing smaller CNC turned automobiles parts, watch spares and microscopic parts etc. where higher accuracies are required.


Standard size and accuracy of Luthra Mini Bench Centre as per IS : 5980-1978, Grade 1

Sizes mm        Centre Distance  mm       Centre Height  mm Accuracy in (um)
150 X 75 150 75 10

Some silent features of mini bench centre:

  • The base of bench centres and its heads are artificially stress relieved as precaution against distortion
  • One of the centre is spring loaded to ensure uniform pressure while holding and easy loading and unloading of work piece without disturbing the accuracy.
  • Centres are made from high carbon steel hardened and ground finish, having morse taper MT-1 and are replaceable.
  • Both heads are adjustable to the required positions, easy and quick setting of the required distance between the centres.
  • Our range of Bench centres are supplied with computerised calibration certificate traceable to National Physical Laboratory (NPL, Govt of India) New Delhi.