Vertical Bench Center is ideal, accurate and quick method for inspecting radial run out of camshafts, crankshafts, cylindrical shafts. Gear teeth run out can also be inspected by using mandrel, arbor or directly to the Center. Vertical bench Center is ideally suited in machine shops , tool rooms and standard rooms for checking various other parameters like concentrically and true rotation of components in vertical position.

vertical bench center

Standard size and accuracy of Luthra Vertical Bench center as per Grade 1:

Sizes (mm)  Centre Distance (mm) Centre Height (mm) Accuracy in (um)
150 X 75 150 75 10


Some of the silent features of Vertical bench Center are:

  • Base of bench center is made of close grained castings and finished to high degree of accuracy by hand scrapping.
  • The base of bench center , column and its head are artificially stress relieved as precaution against distortion.
  • One of the center is spring loaded to ensure uniform pressure while holding work piece and unloading without disturbing the accuracy of center.
  • Center are made from high carbon steel hardened and ground finish having more taper (MT-3) and are replaceable.
  • One head is adjustable to the required positions for easy and quick setting of the required distance between the center and other center is fix mounted on base.
  • The heavy duty dove tailed column is provided with rack and pinion arrangement along with counter weight for smooth movement of spring loaded head.