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Baker Vernier Height Gauge

Rigid STAINLESS STEEL Construction Dual Scale (MM & INCH) Main scale Zero adjustment range 10 mm approx. & vernier scale fine adjustment range 8 mm approx. L C: 0.02mm/0.001” Accuracy As per DIN 862 Standard. Magnifying glass for Better readability TYPE READING RANGE   VH 300   0.02 mm/0.001”   0-300 mm/0 -12” VH 600 […]

Mitutoyo-SERIES 527-Vernier Depth Gage

Standard gage for depth measurement. Optional longer extension bases are available. (Except for models with measuring ranges of 600 and 1000mm) SPECIFICATIONS Metric Order No. Range Vernier reading Accuracy Base (W x T) Remarks 527-201 0 – 150mm     0.05mm ±0.05mm   100 x 6.5mm — 527-202 0 – 200mm — 527-203 0 – […]

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