HTGS/HTGA series

digital torque gauge-htgs_htga-series

 Model  Capacity  Display
 HTGS-2N  2N-m(200N-cm)  2.000N-m(200.0N-cm)
 HTGS-5N  5N-m(500N-cm)  5.000N-m(500.0N-cm)
 HTGS-10N  10N-m(1000N-cm)  10.00N-m(1000N-cm)
 HTGA-2N  2N-m(200N-cm)  2.000N-m(200.0N-cm)
 HTGA-5N  5N-m(500N-cm)  5.000N-m(500.0N-cm)
 HTGA-10N  10N-m(1000N-cm)  10.00N-m(1000N-cm)


 Accuracy  ±0.5%F.S.±1digit
 Unit of measurement  N-m, N-cm, kgf-m, kgf-cm, lbf-in, ozf-in(※1)
 Display  4-digit Organic EL
 Sampling rate  2000 data / sec at maximum
 Function  Customized display (header and footer), Peak hold (clockwise and counter-clockwise), Internal 1000 points data memory, Comparator (judgment of OK or NG), Reversible display, Sign inversion, Zero clear timer, +NG alarm, Off timer (auto power off), Dumping,Time display 1st/2nd peak(only for HTGA), Angle detection at torque peak value(Only for HTGA)(※2),Angle zero reset at selected torque(only for HTGA)(※2)
 Output  USB, RS232C, Mitutoyo digimatic (※3), 2 VDC analog output (D/A),Comparator 3 steps (-NG/OK/+NG), Overload alarm Sub comparator 2 steps (output of large or small judgment)(only for HTGA), USB flash drive(only for HTGA ), Angle(displacement)(only for HTGA) (※2)
 Accessory  CD driver (including simple software for data logging), USB cable, AC adapter, Carrying case, Instruction manual, Inspection certificate, L wrench, Force Recorder Professional Trial version, Handles (10N-m range only) USB flash drive adapter(only for HTGA)(※4)