• Digital torque wrench with clockwise and counter-clockwise operation
  • Unit:N.m, in.lb, ft.lb, kg.cm
  • Peak and track working mode
  • Target torque value can be set , with audible and visible alarm:
    -Green LED light on and buzzer sounds when target torque value is
    90%~100% of target torque
    – Both Green and Red LED light on and buzzer sounds when target torque value is
  • Power off automatically in 5 minutes without any operations
  • Digital torque wrench with non-slip grip handle
  • With overload record
    (once the torque reaches 110% of the maximum range)


digital torque wrench-ist-w135a digital torque wrench-ist-w135a_01


Code Range Accuracy Resolution Square driver(L) Power Supply Length Weight
IST-W30A 6~30N.m colckwise:±2%
0.01N.m 1/4″ 2XAA batteries 390mm 830g
IST-W135A 27~135N.m 0.1N.m 3/8″ 415mm 950g
IST-W200A 40~200N.m 0.1N.m 1/2″ 530mm 1.4kg
IST-W340A 40~200N.m 0.1N.m 1/2″ 650mm 1.6kg
IST-W500A 100~500N.m colckwise:±2.5%
0.1N.m 3/4″ 950mm 2.1kg
IST-W850A 170~850N.m 0.1N.m 3/4″ 1220mm 2.55kg
IST-W1200A 240~1200N.m 1N.m 1″ 1800mm 13kg
IST-W1500A 300~1500N.m 1N.m 1″ 1800mm 13kg
IST-W2000A 400~2000N.m 1N.m 1″ 1800mm 14kg


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