• IP54 dust/waterproof
  • Resolution: 0.01 mm/0.0005″
  • Buttons: on/off, zero, mm/inch, ABS/REL
  • Automatic power off after 10 minutes of no operation, move the digital unit or press the on/off button to power on Automatic power off after 72 hours of no operation, move digital unit cannot power on, press the on/off button to power on
  • Battery CR2032, data output
  • Meet DIN862
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Optional accessory: wireless transmitter, code7315-1104, data output cable (keyboard format), code7302-1104

Code Range Accuracy Thumb roller L a b d
1104-150 * 0-150mm/0-6″ ±0.03mm with 234mm 20mm 15mm 40mm
1104-200* 0-200mm/0-8″ ±0.03mm with 286mm 24mm 19mm 50mm
1104-300 * 0-300mm/0-12″ ±0.03mm with 390mm 26mm 21.5mm 60mm
1104-150W* 0-150mm/0-6″ ±0.03mm without 234mm 20mm 15mm 40mm
1104-200W* 0-200mm/0-8″ ±0.03mm without 286mm 24mm 19mm 50mm
1104-300W* 0-300mm/0-12″ ±0.03mm without 390mm 26mm 21.5mm 60mm

*Supplied with manufacturer inspection certificate traceable to DKD Germany