• Sine Bar used for Precision measurement, setting of angles.
  • Made from high quality alloy steel.
  • Accuracy for Squareness, Flatness & Parallelism is within 0.005mm. upto 200mm & 0.010 mm upto 350mm
  • Centre distance between rollers is within ±0.003mm
  • Hardness-60±2Rc&Tempered
  • Top surface is provided with magnet
  • Accuracy as per IS Standards IS 5359-1987.
  • Magnetic Sine Bar is also available.


Cat No. Size C.D (mm)
UL- 31301 130L x 20W x 40H 100
UL- 31302 230L x 30W x 40H 200
UL- 31303 345L x 40W x 50H 300