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Forming Otherwise known as ‘Roll’, ‘Fluteless’ or Polygon taps. Used for the chipless production of threads in ductile materials such as copper, aluminium, soft brass or steel. Threads produced by fluteless taps are formed by plastic deformation, they are not cut. These taps do not have flute or cutting edges but have special roll forming lobes with circular land. They are operated at high speeds and are better at maintaining gauge qualification. Because they produce no chips they are very suitable for blind hole application as well as through hole application.

Forming taps require different tapping drill sizes when compared to drill sizes used for cut taps.

Advantages of Forming taps sd series

• Can run at higher parameters ex. cutting speed

• Better durability compaired to cutting taps

• Sturdy exactness for dimensions & profile

• Better stability for formed threads

• Minimum chance of fracture

• No swarf, thus no concern of its disposable

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