• Waterproof type dial gages having a bezel with an outside diameter of 57mm. All types come with limit markers and a bezel clamp as standard.
  • The bezel clamp can be attached to either the right or left side. These parts can be easily installed and removed without tools.
  • The stem and spindle are made of highstrength quench-hardened stainless steel suitable for heavy-duty use.
  • A carbide contact point is used.
  • Application of a hard coating on the surface of the crystal makes the gage highly scratchand chemical-resistant.

Graduation Dial Indicators


Graduation Dial Indicators

Note 1: Dimensions of the inch (ANSI/AGD Type) dial indicator partly differ from those of the metric (ISO/ JIS Type) indicator.

Note 2: Inch (ANSI/AGD Type) dial indicators are provided with a stem of 3/8″ dia. and #4-48UNF thread mount for the contact point

Order No. A B C D E F G H I
2046S-60 48.8 70 57 17.7 20 12.3 29.2 52 7.6
2044S-60 48.8 70 57 17.7 20 12.3 29.2 52 7.6
2109S-70 48.8 65.3 57 17.7 20 12.3 24.5 52 7.6
2110S-70 48.8 67.5 57 17.7 20 12.3 26.7 52 7.6


Order No. Graduation Range (range/rev) Accuracy Repeat- ability Dial reading Measuring force
w/ lug Flat-back Overall Retrace 1/10 Rev 1 Rev
2046S-60 2046SB-60 0.01mm 10mm (1mm) 13µm 3µm 5µm 10µm 3µm ±0-100 2.5N or less
2044S-60 2044SB-60 0.01mm 5mm (1mm) 12µm 3µm 5µm 10µm 3µm ±0-100 2.5N or less
2109S-70 2109SB-70 0.001mm 1mm (0.2mm) 5µm 2µm 2µm 4µm 0.5µm 0-100-0 2.0N or less
2110S-70 2110SB-70 0.001mm 1mm (0.1mm) 5µm 2µm 2µm 4µm 0.5µm ±0-100 2.0N or less

* Completed products inspection is performed in the vertical position (contact point downward) and the stated accuracy is guaranteed.


Graduation Dial Indicators