• Precision grinding vice used for holding the jobs, spark erosion operation, right angle grinding & Light machining.
  • Made from high quality alloy steel.
  • Accuracy for Square ness, Flatness & Parallelism within ±0.005mm.
  • Jaw pressure on work piece is forward & downward for repeatable positioning & maximum holding power.
  • All sides can be used as reference.
  • Hardness – 60 ± 2 Re & Tempered.
  • “V” on moveable jaw for better gripping of round jobs.
  • Precision grinding vice made from high quality alloy steel.
Precision Grinding Vice


Cat No. Size Jaw Opening (mm)
UL-31001 150L x 48W x 60H 0 – 75
UL-31002 180L x 63W x 70H 0-90
UL-31003 200L x 73W x 80H 0-100
UL-31004 235L x 96W x 96H 0-130