digital gear tooth micrometer-3591_1

  • Measure over-pin diameter of gears
  • Resolution 0.001mm/0.00005″
  • IP54 dust/waterproof
  • Button function: on/off, set, mm/inch, ABS/INC, data output
  • Data output
  • SR44 or LR44 battery, automatic power off
  • Ratchet stop
  • Supplied with setting standards (except 0-25mm/0-1″)
  • Optional accessary: ball tips (code 7391, next page), data output system

digital gear tooth micrometer-3591_2

Code Range Micrometer head accuracy Ball tips accuracy L b
3591-25A 0-25mm/0-1″ 4μm 8μm 67 38
3591-50A 25-50mm/1-2″ 4μm 8μm 92.4 50
3591-75A 50-75mm/2-3″ 5μm 10μm 117.6 62
3591-100A 75-100mm/3-4″ 5μm 10μm 143 70