digital micrometer head-6353_1

  • Resolution 0.001mm/0.00005″
  • IP54 dust/waterproof
  • Button function: on/off, set, mm/inch, ABS/INC, data output
  • Data output
  • SR44 or LR44 battery, automatic power off
  • Ratchet stop
  • Optional accessory: data output system

digital micrometer head-6353_2

digital micrometer head-6353_3

Rotating spindle

Code Range Stem Spindle tip Accuracy
6353-25 0-25mm/0-1″ with clamp nut flat (carbide) 2µm
6353-25W 0-25mm/0-1″ plain flat (carbide) 2µm
6353-25S 0-25mm/0-1″ with clamp nut spherical(SR5) 2µm
6353-25WS 0-25mm/0-1″ plain spherical(SR5) 2µm
6353-50W 0-50mm/0-2″ plain flat (carbide) 2µm

Non-rotating spindle

Code Range Stem Spindle tip Accuracy
6354-25W 0-25mm/0-1″ plain flat(carbide) 2µm