• Dial thickness gages can quickly measure the thickness of thin products such as paper and felt.
  • Contact point and anvil are both made of ceramic: rust-free (547-401 is excluded.)
  • Integrated molding of the bezel and crystal ensures protection against water and oil penetration via the front face.

Standard Type

High Accuracy Type

Standard Type

Lightweight Type (integrated molding of the bezel)

Lens thickness measurement

  • Thickness of concave-convex lenses and surfaces can be measured.
  • Anvils and contact points are interchangeable to enable concave surfaces to be measured.
  • Provided with a ball point

Tube thickness measurement

  • Pipe wall thickness, thickness of curved boards can be measured.

Groove depth measurement

  • Suitable for measuring narrow grooves.
  • Measuring face of the contact point and anvil are blade-shaped (thickness: 1mm).

Usage examples

Measuring paper thickness

Measuring thickness of a human hair


Unit: mm

Optional Accessories
: SPC cable (1m) for digital models

905409: SPC cable (2m) for digital models
02AZD790F: SPC cable for U-WAVE (160mm)
Digimatic Mini-Processor DP-1VR
Refer to page A-13 for details.

Input Tool
Convenient Interface Input Tools which enable the conversion of measurement data to keyboard signals and directly input them to cells in off-the-shelf spreadsheet software such as Excel.

(Refer to pages A-5 to A-6 for details.)


Application examples

Note:Parallelism between the flat point and anvil
547-313: 10μm
7313: 5μm Concave lens Ball