• Designed for quick GO/NOT-GO gauging of diameters of cylindrical parts either inprocess or post process
  • Measuring spindle and anvil spindle are manufactured out of graded steel
  • Spindles are hardened and ground including screw threads
  • Carbide ground and lapped tip of measuring faces ensures maximum wear resistance
  • Dial Snap Gauge for quick entry, chamfer provided on front edges
  • Constant measuring force, which is a result of an in-built spring, eliminates user error
  • Once the gauge is set to zero with a master, we can measure the size directly
  • For easy reading, the indicator can be rotated and locked
  • Best suited for inspection of Continuous / Batch production items
  • Setting is done with the help of Gauge Blocks / Cylindrical Setting Masters
  • Any standard Dial Indicator with ø8 h6 mm holding shank can be fitted easily
  • Also used with Electronic probe & digital dial gauge


Type Measuring Range (mm)
DS25 0-25
DS50 25-50
DS75 50-75
DS100 75-100


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