Signal Output Digimatic Indicator

  • Enables a tolerance judgment to be output to external equipment for a measurement result against user-defined limits. Solid-state switching provides high reliability by avoiding metallic switch contacts.
  • Output is enabled by directly connecting to external devices (sequencers, etc., for which a logical invert is available if required). The measurement and judgment results are displayed on the LCD. The judgment result is also indicated by 2 LEDs.
  • A peak-detection function is equipped for measuring and judging peak values, such as runout.
  • Measurements are absolute (ABS system) relative to an origin point*1 as set by the user, which holds indefinitely so does not require resetting at every power-on.
  • Provided with a 4m cable.
  • External power required is 5 – 24VDC.
  • Dust-water protection level: Conforms to IP54.
    *1 Regarding origin setting, refer to “Origin Setting of Digimatic Indicators” on page F-18.


Order No. (w/ lug, flat-back) Range Resolution Accuracy*2 Measuring force
543-350 543-350B 12.7mm 0.001/0.01mm 0.003mm or less 2.5N or less


Order No. (w/ lug, flat-back) Range Resolution Accuracy*2 Measuring force
543-351 543-351B .5” / 12.7mm

.00005/.0001/.0005” //


±.00010” / 0.003mm or less 2.5N or less
543-352 543-352B

1) LCD readout does not rotate.
2) Max./min. holding: sample rate is 100 readings/sec; max. rate of change of reading is 100μm/sec.
3) Products with an Order No. suffixed “B” have a flat back
4) Standard contact point: 901312 (ISO/JIS type), 21BZB005 (ANSI/AGD type)
*2 Quantizing error of ±1 count is excluded.


Signal Output Digimatic Indicator

Note 1: Dimensions of the inch (ANSI/AGD Type) dial indicator partly differ from those of the metric (ISO/JIS Type) indicator.
Note 2: Inch (ANSI/AGD Type) dial indicators are provided with a stem of 3/8″ dia. and #4-48UNF thread mount for the contact point.

Signal output (–NG/OK/+NG, N-ch open drain, logical invert is available), Remote control (peak start preset/zero-set),Preset, Zeroset, GO/±NG judgment (3 pairs of ABS, INC memory function) Max/Min/Runout value holding, Measurement direction switching, Power ON/OFF, inch/mm conversion (inch/mm models), Resolution switching, Scaling function f(x)=Ax, Key lock, Calibration mode (Signal output in Digimatic code format).
Alarm: Counting value composition error, Overflow error, Tolerance limit setting error
Optional accessories
• Lifting* 3
Lifting lever No.21EZA198 (ISO/JIS/DIN Type),
No.21EZA199 (ASME/ANSI/ AGD Type)
Lifting knob No.21EZA105 (ISO/JIS/DIN Type),
No.21EZA150 (ASME/ANSI/ AGD Type)
Lifting cable No.540774
• Digimatic power unit: 21EZA345
Note: To denote your AC power cable add the following
suffixes to the order No.: A for UL/CSA, D for
CEE, DC for CCC, E for KC. No suffix is required
for JIS/100VAC.
Used in the calibration mode when executing
automatic inspection using i-Checker.
In such a case, please purchase connecting cable
21EAA194 (1m), or 21EAA190 (2m).
• Contact points for Mitutoyo’s dial indicators.*
• Interchangeable backs for Series 2 models. Dust-water
protection is not guaranteed. Use the waterproof types
of Series 2 for plain backs if required.*5
• Measuring stands (Refer to page F-75 to F-80 for details.
*3 Dust-water protection is not guaranteed.
*4 Refer to pages F-46 to F-49 for details.
*5 Refer to page F-50 for details.

Output signals and LCD display

Wire – NG OK + NG Composition error
Orange (– NG) Low High High High
Green (OK) High Low High High
Brown (+ NG) High High Low High
LCD       “x.xxE” indication

* Logical invert is available.

I/O Specifications

Wire Signal I/O Description
Black – V (GND)

Connected to minus (-)


Red + V Power  supply (5 – 24VDC)
Orange – NG O

Tolerance judgment

result output: Only the

terminal corresponding to

a judgment result is set to

the low level.

Green OK O
Brown + NG O




External input terminal: If

the relevant terminal is set

to the low level, its signal

becomes true.

Shield FG Connected to GND (Earth)

Note: Measurement data cannot be output.

Signal Output Digimatic Indicator