large diameter gauge-RA5001

  • To measure large external or internal diameters
  • Automatic judgment and display external (EXT) or internal diameter (INT)
  • Carbon fiber handle, light in weight
  • Backlight LCD display, can rotate 180 ° for easy reading
  • Memory of 10 readings and average calculation
  • With minimum measurement mode (MIN)
  • Angle can be displayed

large diameter gauge-RA5002


Range EXT Range INT Resolution Accuracy Power Supply Weight
Ø500 ~ 6000mm Ø1100 ~ 6000mm 0.01mm ±(0.02+0.1D²)mm (D is the diameter to be measured in m) rechargeable battery (for 6 hours working) 3.8kg

Standard Delivery

Main Input AC/DC Adapter Cable and Software
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