350-Digimatic Micrometer Heads

  • Equipped with digital display and output.
  • Series 350 IP65 models: the Digimatic output port enables inclusion in a statistical process control or networked measurement system. (Refer to page A-3 for details).

350-Digimatic Micrometer Heads



Order No. Range Resolution Accuracy** Stem Stem dia Spindle end Graduation features
164-163 0 – 50mm 0.001mm



Plain 18mm Flat (carbide tip)
350-251-30 0 – 25mm 10mm Standard
350-252-30 W/ clamp nut
350-253-30 Plain Spherical (SR4) (carbide tip)
350-254-30 W/ clamp nut
350-281-30* Plain 12mm Flat (carbide tip)
350-282-30* W/ clamp nut
350-283-30* Plain Spherical (SR4) (carbide tip)
350-284-30* W/ clamp nut
350-261-30* Plain Flat

* IP65 dust/water protection type
** Excluding quantizing error


Order No. Range Resolution Accuracy** Stem Stem dia Spindle end Graduation features
164-164 0 – 2″





Plain 0.709″ Flat (carbide tip)
350-351-30 0 – 1″ 0.375″ Standard
350-352-30 W/ clamp nut
350-353-30 Plain Spherical (SR4) (carbide tip)
350-354-30 W/ clamp nut
350-381-30* Plain 0.5″ Flat (carbide tip)
350-382-30* W/ clamp nut
350-383-30* Plain Spherical (SR4) (carbide tip)
350-384-30* W/ clamp nut
350-361-30* Plain Flat

* IP65 dust/water protection type
* Note: Stem diameter of IP65 type is 12mm.
** Excluding quantizing error


350-Digimatic Micrometer Heads

IP Codes (series 350)
Level 6: Dustproof
No ingress of dust allowed.
Level 5: Protected against water jets.
Water projected in jets against the enclosure
from any direction shall have no harmful effects.
Battery for series 350
SR44(1 pc), 938882 for initial operation checks (standard accessory)
Battery for series 164
SR44(2 pcs.), 938882 for initial operation checks (standard accessory)
Battery life: Approx. 2.4 years under normal use
(for series 350-XXX)
Approx. 1.8 years under normal use
(for series 164-163, 164)
Length standard: Electromagnetic rotary sensor
Standard accessories: Reference bar, 1 pc
Spanner (301336), 1 pc (for series 350-XXX)
Screwdriver (No.05CAA952), 1pc (for series 164-163, 164)

Functions (series 164/350)
Origin point setting (ABS measurement system):
Resets the ABS origin at the current spindle position to the minimum value of the measuring range and switches
to ABS mode.
Zero-setting (INC measurement system):
A brief press on the ZERO/ABS button sets display to zero at the current spindle position and switches to the
incremental (INC) measuring mode. A longer press resets to the ABS measuring mode.
Data output:
Equipped with output port for transferring measurement data to a Statistical Process Control (SPC) and measurement system.
Auto power ON/OFF:
The reading on the LCD disappears after this instrument is idle for about 20 minutes, but the reading and
measurement mode are retained. Turning the spindle causes the reading on the LCD to reappear.
Error alarm:
In case of an overflow on the LCD or a computing error, an error message appears on the LCD and the measuring
function stops. This prevents an instrument from giving an erroneous reading. Also, when the battery voltage
drops to a certain level, the low-battery-voltage alarm annunciator appears well before the micrometer becomes

Optional accessories
Connecting cables for series 164
1m: 959149
2m: 959150
USB Input Tool Direct
USB-ITN-C (2m): 06ADV380C
02AZD790C 160mm
For foot switch: 02AZE140C
Connecting cables for series 350
1m: 05CZA662
2m: 05CZA663
USB Input Tool Direct
USB-ITN-B (2m): 06ADV380B
Connecting cables for U-WAVE-T
02AZD790B 160mm
For foot switch: 02AZE140B
Refer to page B-68 for details.